In Hell there's a word "marvellaises" – a distorted reference to the "Incroyables et merveilleuses", eccentric French aristocrats obsessed with fashion from the end of the XVIII century. A superficial look at the obsession of the "demons" (and, as much as it is possible, of the damned) makes one think that the creation (including the creation in sweatshops organized by "demons", equivalent to those in concentration camps, where many damned souls yearn to work in order to find something meaningful to do) and wearing of flamboyant costumes just helps pass the time and provide distraction from the suffering and the anguish. But in reality, there's most probably a much more complex mechanism behind this phenomenon: costume often helps a person suffering in Hell to reappropriate their own body, a body that is getting speedily estranged, and this process turns out to be more important than the aesthetic features of the clothes created, obtained, and worn.
Body appropriation
Accessory for "demon" heels
Forks, peacock feathers
Accessory for the penis of a "demon" walking around naked
Accessory for erect penis, attached at the hips
Steel, leather
Dress from cross-stitch embroidery pieces
Dress made of a collector's set of handcrafted cross-stitch pieces with embroidery frames and scraps of canvas
(The author thanks Ilona Tetruashvili, the tailor who helped with the work)
Vintage embroidery pieces from 1940-2000, embroidery frames
Sweater with knitting needles and a red warding THREAD THREAD thread
Sweater demonstrating an open wound after an unsuccessful heart transplant, with needles integrated into the knitting and a red warding thread.
Acrylic yarn, knitting needles, hand-knitting
Female pants with a flypiece
Created in the Far eastern workshops of the M1 sector by unknown damned souls, imitating the models of the XVII century
Textile, velvet, artificial hair
Bracelet for "demon" elbow with a collar for a damned soul following him
Bracelet and collar connected with a very thin chain. The damned soul following the "demon" would be able to break free from the collar with little effort, but they never attempt to do so.
Artificial leather, accessories
Dress from cork fabric
Created in the Far eastern workshops of the M1 sector by unknown damned souls.
(The author thanks Ilona Tetruashvili, the tailor who helped with the work)
Cork fabric, office supplies
Scarification with inlay
Nothing ever heals in Hell – and many damned souls and "demons" choose not to hide but to highlight their injuries with relevant accessories. A photo of Swarovski-encrusted wounds on an arm and a leg of a damned soul.
Decorated tongues
A notion of the Great Carnival That Did Not Happen exists in Hell – and there are those who keep preparing for this carnival, of which the frustrating rumors are a constant source of irritation and discontent. Aside from costumes for the Carnival, for a while in Hell there was a fashion trend for decorating tongues – but it quickly became evident that this was a highly uncomfortable hobby, hence, the "demons" took to decorating the tongues of the damned and boasting of the results among themselves, with damned "living statues" in tow.
(The author thanks her close friends, Lucy Kadets and Mariam Tavrizian, for their help creating this object).
Accessory for rib pieces sticking out of the chest
Lamb ribs, pearls, metallic accessories
Nail art models for "demons"
Mixed technique
Decorative knee-pieces
"Demon" knees, protruding forward, are regularly decorated, and these decorations form a significant part of the vestimentary language existing in the M1 sector. The first two objects are created in the eastern workshops of the sector, the third one is made by an unknown damned soul of their own accord as a gift for a "demon".
Textile, wood, photography, glass, wire, artificial hair, accessories.
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